Turtle Island – Koh Andech

Turtle Island is one of our local dive sites and is a small uninhabited island shaped like a turtle, hence its name.  It has sloping reefs made up of soft and hard corals and large boulders going down to approximately 14 m-16 m. We generally dive around the entire Island and choose the best site depending on the diving conditions. We have four key dive sites the ‘Turtle Head’; which is made up of large sloping boulders, ‘Turtle Bum’ which is a large reef the extent of which is still unknown and the ‘Northern’ and ‘Southern’ sides of the island which consists of shallow reefs sloping down to a sandy bottom.

Every dive is different, however generally you can see a large range of soft and hard coral species, large Anemone fields and Barrel Sponges.  A variety of reef fish species including Butterfly and Angelfish, Damsels, Bat-fish/Spade fish, Wrasses, Snappers, Emperors, Sweet lips and Groupers. Large schools of Fusiliers, Silver Monos, Darts and schooling Yellow tail Barracudas. We also encounter larger fish species such as Giant Barracudas, Cobias and pelagic fish such as Trevallys, and Rainbow Runners. Large Star and Map Puffers, Box Fishes, a variety of Nudibranchs, Blue Spotted sting rays and White Eyed Moray Eels among a large array of other ocean critters.

Points of Interest

  • The ‘Bat Cave’ where we are almost guaranteed to see Batfish every dive.
  • Anemone Fields
  • Cobias
  • Giant Barracuda
  • Schooling reef fish

Departure: 8 am
Return: around 13 pm
Meals included: Lunch, snack and soft drinks
Minimum number of divers: 1
Maximum number of divers: 8
Price: $85 for 2 local dives, $25 for snorkelers

Dive Depths between: 5 – 16 m

For booking, please send us an email or call us