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About us


Octopuses Garden Diving Center

We named our Diving Center after our favourite Beatles song, the peaceful ‘Octopuses Garden’. So thank you Ringo. We believe we have created the same magical and relaxing feeling here, as you get from listening to the song! We hope you will feel the same when you come to visit.

Our Location

We are situated on the outskirts of the small village of Koh Sdach in the depths of nature; floating above the sea and on the edge of the of the jungle. We are surrounded by wildlife such as eagles, hornbills, kingfishers, macacque monkeys, hermit crabs, large fruit bats and a variety of butterflies. You can spend hours soaking up the scenery and discovering the local wildlife. Find out more on the Koh Sdach page.

Meet the Team

 Managers, instructors and everything else, Kris & Hege, here to welcome you to Octopuses Garden!

Passbilde kristoffer

Lin, Boat Captain and our resident happy chappy!


Sophia, the amazing cook and housekeeper



 The Security Team : Pippi, Mustafa and Happy

pippi mustafa and happy

Staying With Us

Octopuses Garden HQ
Octopuses Garden HQ

When you stay over at Octopuses Garden we will treat you like one of the family.

You’ll have a great nights sleep in our dorm in the mezzanine level of our main building, which floats above the sea. At night there will normally be a cool breeze that will keep you comfortable and seems to keep the mosquitoes and other creepy crawlies away.

Of course we have mosquito nets and fans available for you if you need but insects don’t seem to be much of a problem as our building is on the water.

You will get a comfy mattress, (no squeaky bunk beds here!) clean linen and a towel. For your privacy each bed can be made into a small private area with curtains.

The shared toilet and shower have a beautiful view out to sea with Koh Totang Island in the distance and the coconut trees that line the tip of our bay.

We normally accommodate up to 8 people but if you’re a bigger group let us know about your arrival and we can make the proper arrangements to cater for you.

Eating with Us

Lucky for you we are real foodies and we make a variety of food. Asian, Western or whatever you fancy! We eat our meals together around the table that looks out to the ocean. As you’ll soon come to see, we’re a sociable bunch and we look forward to welcoming you to Octopuses Garden.