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From Phnom Penh

From Phnom Penh to Poy Yopon (The name of the harbour on the way out to Koh Sdach)

It is now super easy to get to us with Virak Buntham Express, you can even book your tickets online.

The ticket cost $11.50 pr person. you get your own designated seat in a VIP 11 seater van. the trip takes about 5 hours with a food stop
Departue point from Phnom Penh is the Virak Buntham station by Wat Phnom (Japan hospital branch)

There are 2 departures every day 8.00 and 14.00

We higly recommend the early bus at 8.00. you will arrive in good time before dark. With the afternoon bus you will arrive after dark, and then getting a boat across to the island is tricky.

We can also arrange a private taxi for you and your friends

A private taxi cost from $90
(Holidays, requesting a larger van and gas prices may change the price)
The taxi will pick you up from your hotel or airport and it takes around 5 hours to get to Poy Yopon.

From Poy Yopon you take one of the small speedboats to the Island.
The ride over takes 5-10 minutes.
When you share the boat with others the normal price is 5000-10000 Riel or from $5 for your own boat.

Click here for map.

Prices at a glance

Come explore the underwater splendors of Cambodia with us.
We arrange diving and snorkeling trips for the experienced diver and the novice

Fun Diving

PADI DSD (Discover Scuba Diving) $105

Have you ever wanted to explore the wonders of the underwater world?
This introduction to scuba diving gives you a small taste of what diving is all about.
Dive theory introduction, a confined water session and one fun dive.
Equipment rental, lunch, coffee, tea and water on board is included in the price.

One day local diving 2 dives $ 95
Come join us exploring the archipelago. There are many small islands with beaches and
wonderful dive sites. Only for certified divers.
Equipment rental, lunch, tea, coffee and water on board is included in the price.

House reef diving without guide $ 40
We have a beautiful house reef just outside our bungalow. Here you can spend hours watching the clownfishes, anemones and our juvenile batfishes that hang around the pier.
For the experienced and certified diver, you and your buddy can enjoy our house reef on your own. (After you had a check out dive)

Remote island diving Shark Island and Condor reef $ 130 (min. 2 pers)
A few hours away we have the beautiful and famous dive sites Shark Island and Condor reef.
Come with us for 2 dives on either Shark Island, or Condor reef. Only for certified divers.
Equipment rental, lunch, tea, coffee and water on board is included in the price.

Night Dive 70 $/ House reef $55
Enjoy the magic of diving in the dark.
Equipment rental, tea, coffee, water and a snack on board is included in the price.

Diving courses

PADI Open Water $ 440
Do you want to take the step and become a certified PADI diver?
You get 4 days with diving and theory, 5 confined dives, 4 open water dives, final exam and the PADI certification fee. Equipment rental, lunch, coffee and water on board is included in the price.

PADI Advanced Open Water $ 395
Evolve as a diver. 5 dives in 2 days. The Deep dive, navigation and night dive are the core dives of the course. The 2 other dives you chose with your instructor. PADI certification fee,
equipment rental, lunch, coffee and water on board is included in the price.

PADI Rescue Diver $ 410
Scuba divers describe the PADI Rescue Diver course as the most challenging, yet most rewarding course they have ever taken. Why? Because you learn to prevent and manage problems in the water, and become more confident in your skills as a diver, knowing that you can help others if needed.

PADI Divemaster $ 1625
Go pro! Become a Divemaster!
Including equipment rental, staff lodging and all meals for 1 month.
Including Divemaster crew pack. PADI fee are not included.

Extra day of the course $ 50
Need an extra day on your course? No problem
Adventure dives and other PADI programs are also available upon request!

Bed & Breakfast

Shared Bungalow $15 per person per night. You can also reserve the whole bungalow for you and your friends, $60 pr night.
In our new building, on stilts in the sea. Here we can sleep up too eight people.

Tree house $45 for 2 persons
Does houses have to stand on the ground? and do they need to be square?
No. of course not.
Since our coastline is quite steep and difficult to build on we decided to build a cabin up in the trees.

And we are building, so new alternatives never seen by man will soon arise.

Other Excursions

Snorkel trip $ 30 half day w/guide (min. 2 persons or together with other fun divers)
Equipment rental, lunch, tea, coffee and water on board are included in the price

Spend a night at a deserted island $ 55/pax
We will provide you with what you need to stay the night at one of the beautiful deserted
islands around Koh Sdach.
We pack you a nice food basket and supply you with cooking utensils. We drop you off on the beach, and pick you up the next day.
A small “off island mini bar” with wine and beer will be available.

Jungle trips and other excursions with or without boat are available on request!
For booking call +855 (0)86 41 33 80/+855(0) 86 41 24 32 or

The Family House and Dorm

Early December 2020, our new dorm/family house was finished. And it is pretty nice (you might have guessed it, I build both web sites and physical houses).

The house is large and spacious with beds for up to 8 people.

The price is $15/nt. pr. person included breakfast

If you’re a group, you can rent the whole house for $60 a night without breakfast. Breakfast from $3.

For all of our guests drinking water, basic tea and khmer coffee is included throughout your stay (fancy hipster-coffee is also available, but costs extra)

Toilet and shower is outside 10 meters away.

Price for bed & breakfast: $15 pr. person

Or rent the whole house for up to 8 people for $60 excl. breakfast

Please read our booking and cancellation policy here.

Staying at Octopuses Garden

In 2020 we made major changes to Octopuses Garden with new houses and common areas. And in 2021 there will be even more.

We strive to give you the best.

The best Diving, for every level of experience.

Diving Courses                                           Dive trips

The most comfortable accommodation. For groups and the independent traveler.

Our Family room and Dorm                    The TreeHouse

The best food. In our well equipped kitchen we can wip up almost anything. Tell us what you want and we can probably make it. Enjoy our home made bread, our delicious pizzas, a simple, but tasty Khmer dish or if you let us know, a copy of your favorite dish in the whole world….

Condor Reef

Condor Reef is by many considered one of the absolutely best dive sites in Cambodia. This of shore reef is situated about 30 kilometers south of Koh Sdach and offers excellent visibility, a fantastic underwater scenery and on the right day reef sharks, turtles and hopefully a whale shark will swim by.

The holy wall
Giants kettles

The unusual natural architecture is amazing. You will find huge rectangle rocks which seem to have been man made (or is it the aliens again?).  Some forms terraces, others mini walls with giants kettles and at least one arch can be seen. Even though it might just be a geological phenomenon it will make you wonder. Was this Atlantis?

Departure: 7 am (the sailing time is approximately 2 and a half hour each way)
Return: We’ll try to be back before dark, so around 6 pm
Meals included: Breakfast (on board), lunch, snack and softdrinks
Number of guided dives: 2
Minimum number of divers: 2 (or one that pay double)
Maximum number of divers: 8
Price: $130 for divers, $65 for snorkelers

A reef that just pop out of the sea in the middle of nowhere, will of 15_04_30_condor_reef_alejandro_edit_DSC_9250course get a few shipwrecks, and so also on Condor Reef. Many Chinese junks sailed these waters the last thousands of years, and some of them ended their journey on Condor. Loaded with valuable porcelain and gold the value of the cargos must have been significant and this has attracted many treasure hunters to the area. Much has been salvaged and even some has ended up in the national museum in Phnom Penh. Even though most has been removed, you will still find porcelain, probably dating as far back as 1660, and you can still see the remains of an old junk on the east side of the reef. Please take a good look at what you might find, take a photo and leave it there. The remains of the Condor wrecks belongs where they are or in a museum.

Condor reef
Condor reef

In a country with such a long modern war history you will find evidence of it. On Condor you might find bomb shells, quite a few undetonated. Our rule on how to behave around these are easy: No touchy touchy or it go boom boom and that might bring ouch ouch.

So we’ve got alien architecture and 350 year old wrecks, and that’s before we mention the marine life. Corals and anemones are spread all over the area. And loads of fish. The usual reef fishes and, because of the location, many pelagic big fishes, even whale sharks can be seen. Reef sharks and turtles are frequently seen. And all of it in year around great visibility.

Things of interest:

  • Shipwrecks and its cargo
  • Geological formations (or alien architecture, you choose)
  • Sharks and big pelagic fish
  • Amazing visibility

Diving depths: 10 – 40 meter (average 16 – 20meter)

The site is suitable for beginners as well as the experienced diver, but a stomach that can tolerate some sea is preferred. Excellent snorkeling.

In periods with big waves and wind, Condor reef can’t be reached.
Can be reached on daytrip or as part of our Shark Island and Condor Reef overnight trip.
Departure on demand. Minimum number of paying divers for departure: 2.

For booking, please send us an email or call us.

please read our booking and cancellation policy here.


About us


Octopuses Garden Diving Center

We named our Diving Center after our favourite Beatles song, the peaceful ‘Octopuses Garden’. So thank you Ringo. We believe we have created the same magical and relaxing feeling here, as you get from listening to the song! We hope you will feel the same when you come to visit.

Our Location

We are situated on the outskirts of the small village of Koh Sdach in the depths of nature; floating above the sea and on the edge of the of the jungle. We are surrounded by wildlife such as eagles, hornbills, kingfishers, macacque monkeys, hermit crabs, large fruit bats and a variety of butterflies. You can spend hours soaking up the scenery and discovering the local wildlife. Find out more on the Koh Sdach page.

Meet the Team

 Managers, instructors and everything else, Kris & Hege, here to welcome you to Octopuses Garden!

Passbilde kristoffer

Lin, Boat Captain and our resident happy chappy!


Sophia, the amazing cook and housekeeper



 The Security Team : Pippi, Mustafa and Happy

pippi mustafa and happy

Staying With Us

Octopuses Garden HQ
Octopuses Garden HQ

When you stay over at Octopuses Garden we will treat you like one of the family.

You’ll have a great nights sleep in our dorm in the mezzanine level of our main building, which floats above the sea. At night there will normally be a cool breeze that will keep you comfortable and seems to keep the mosquitoes and other creepy crawlies away.

Of course we have mosquito nets and fans available for you if you need but insects don’t seem to be much of a problem as our building is on the water.

You will get a comfy mattress, (no squeaky bunk beds here!) clean linen and a towel. For your privacy each bed can be made into a small private area with curtains.

The shared toilet and shower have a beautiful view out to sea with Koh Totang Island in the distance and the coconut trees that line the tip of our bay.

We normally accommodate up to 8 people but if you’re a bigger group let us know about your arrival and we can make the proper arrangements to cater for you.

Eating with Us

Lucky for you we are real foodies and we make a variety of food. Asian, Western or whatever you fancy! We eat our meals together around the table that looks out to the ocean. As you’ll soon come to see, we’re a sociable bunch and we look forward to welcoming you to Octopuses Garden.


The boat

For our local and remote dive trips we use our traditional longtail boat.  The boats name is Sabai Sabai.Sabaisabai_sailing_1

We use this kind of boat because it’s made for these waters. It will cut through even big waves like there’s nothing.

And it’s quite fast. Propelled with two 1700 cc 3 cylinder diesel engines from Iseki it will give us 10 knots or about 18 km/h. And with that speed the remote reefs aren’t that far away. The two engines also works as a safety. If there is problems with one, there is always the other.

It’s shallow. A traditional longtail boat only needs about 40 cm of water to float and that makes it possible to go into lagoons and even into the mangroves.sabaisabai_interion_1

It’s the right size for us. We really don’t want to fill our boat with 20 divers and make you dive in big groups. That’s not what we do. We comfortably fill the 15 meter long boat with up to 8 divers, and if there is more people, they will have to wait for another trip.

We are Norwegians, and the traditional longtail boat resembles a traditional viking longship. And of course that makes us feel even more like Norsemen.

The boat is rigged for diving with consoles for tanks, O2 equipment onboard, ladders and so on. Safety equipment like life jackets is of course onboard.


The Drinks

When a long day of diving is done a good drink is most welcome.
At Octopuses Garden drinking water is always available free of charge and coffee (the Khmer variety) and tea are available on request (free for our diving guests).  soft drinks  are included in our dive boat trips.

Our fruit shakes and cocktails are made with the best seasonal fruits. And by the way, our cocktails are amazingly good………

We also try to keep a decent wine selection, but please ask us in advance if you have special requests since we’ll need to go to The Big City to stock up.

Some prices:

  • Fresh lime juice or soda $1.50
  • Coke or 7up $1
  • Beer (can) $1.50
  • Fruit Shakes $2.50
  • Wine by the glass $3
  • Bottle of wine $14 – $70
  • Cocktails $4

The Food

Without good food nothing is to much fun, so we’ll make it good.

But since we are a dive center and not foremost a restaurant we’ll do it simple. Our meals are eaten at our big communal table 3 times a day. We will always use fresh and good and natural ingredients, mostly purchased from the village marked, but with some luxury items (like cheese and butter) from the big city (and that’s Sihanoukville if you are wondering).

We are not vegetarians, but have no problem creating both vegetarian or vegan dishes if wanted (actually a great deal of our meals are vegetarian).

And then we have this wonderful world with all the amazing food. So we make a little of everything. Some traditional Khmer food, some Mexican, some Italian, some French, some American, some English, some Thai, some self invented and some Norwegian. So we are sure we will make something to your liking.

The menus are discussed with our costumers and meals and prices might vary.


  • Breakfast – included in B&B
  • Lunch – from $5 (included in some dive packages)
  • Dinner -from $7

As mentioned the prices might vary. So if there is something exceptionally good on the marked the price might rise, but we will let you know. And it will be worth it.

If you have any specific wishes? or you want help out in the kitchen with your favorite recipe? Just let us know and we might be able help you with that.