Condor Reef

Condor Reef is by many considered one of the absolutely best dive sites in Cambodia. This of shore reef is situated about 30 kilometers south of Koh Sdach and offers excellent visibility, a fantastic underwater scenery and on the right day reef sharks, turtles and hopefully a whale shark will swim by.

The holy wall
Giants kettles

The unusual natural architecture is amazing. You will find huge rectangle rocks which seem to have been man made (or is it the aliens again?).  Some forms terraces, others mini walls with giants kettles and at least one arch can be seen. Even though it might just be a geological phenomenon it will make you wonder. Was this Atlantis?

Departure: 7 am (the sailing time is approximately 2 and a half hour each way)
Return: We’ll try to be back before dark, so around 6 pm
Meals included: Breakfast (on board), lunch, snack and softdrinks
Number of guided dives: 2
Minimum number of divers: 2 (or one that pay double)
Maximum number of divers: 8
Price: $130 for divers, $65 for snorkelers

A reef that just pop out of the sea in the middle of nowhere, will of 15_04_30_condor_reef_alejandro_edit_DSC_9250course get a few shipwrecks, and so also on Condor Reef. Many Chinese junks sailed these waters the last thousands of years, and some of them ended their journey on Condor. Loaded with valuable porcelain and gold the value of the cargos must have been significant and this has attracted many treasure hunters to the area. Much has been salvaged and even some has ended up in the national museum in Phnom Penh. Even though most has been removed, you will still find porcelain, probably dating as far back as 1660, and you can still see the remains of an old junk on the east side of the reef. Please take a good look at what you might find, take a photo and leave it there. The remains of the Condor wrecks belongs where they are or in a museum.

Condor reef
Condor reef

In a country with such a long modern war history you will find evidence of it. On Condor you might find bomb shells, quite a few undetonated. Our rule on how to behave around these are easy: No touchy touchy or it go boom boom and that might bring ouch ouch.

So we’ve got alien architecture and 350 year old wrecks, and that’s before we mention the marine life. Corals and anemones are spread all over the area. And loads of fish. The usual reef fishes and, because of the location, many pelagic big fishes, even whale sharks can be seen. Reef sharks and turtles are frequently seen. And all of it in year around great visibility.

Things of interest:

  • Shipwrecks and its cargo
  • Geological formations (or alien architecture, you choose)
  • Sharks and big pelagic fish
  • Amazing visibility

Diving depths: 10 – 40 meter (average 16 – 20meter)

The site is suitable for beginners as well as the experienced diver, but a stomach that can tolerate some sea is preferred. Excellent snorkeling.

In periods with big waves and wind, Condor reef can’t be reached.
Can be reached on daytrip or as part of our Shark Island and Condor Reef overnight trip.
Departure on demand. Minimum number of paying divers for departure: 2.

For booking, please send us an email or call us.

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