From Sihanoukville

For the moment there are no organized buses from Sihanoukville to Koh Sdach. The easiest way is a private taxi from Sihanoukville to Poy Jopon cost about $90. Please let us know if you want a private car minimum 2 days prior.

You can also take local transportation, an adventurous sightseeing.  Take a shared taxi from Psar Leu 8 am to Veil Reighn (from $5).From Veil Reighn you change to a shared mini van with vegetables and things to the market going to Poy Jopon and Koh Sdach ($5) or you might be able to get a seat on the Virak Buntham bus that left Phnom Penh at 8.
There will be waiting..
Sometimes there is also a shared direct taxi straight to Poi Yopon for $10

From Poy Jopon you take one of the small speedboats to the Island. When you share the boat with others the normal price is 5000-10000 Riel or from $5 for your own boat.
Click here for map.

It used to be possible to go to Koh Sdach by transport boat, but this boat does no longer run on a steady schedule, and it will be a gamble knowing if the boat will depart and when you will arrive. So we don’t recommend this transportation.