From Sihanoukville

A private taxi from Sihanoukville to Poy Jopon cost about $70-80. Our friend and recommended tuk tuk driver Louis 016709257 can help you with ordering the car, or you can call us.

You can also take local transportation. Take a shared taxi from Psar Leu 8 am to Veil Reighn ($5). From Veil Reighn you change to the shared mini van to Poy Jopon. ($5)
sometimes there is also a shared direct taxi straight to Poi Yopon for $10
Please let Louis 016709257  help you with ordering and getting you to the transport.

From Poy Jopon you take one of the small speedboats to the Island. When you share the boat with others the normal price is 5000 Riel or $5 for your own boat.
Click here for map.

It used to be possible to go to Koh Sdach by transport boat, but this boat does no longer run on a steady schedule, and it will be a gamble knowing when you will arrive. So we don’t recommend this transportation.