The Tree House

I guess every child on the planet has been dreaming about living in a tree. It’s a magical place where, if you’re lucky, you can observe nature from a different vantage point. Sometimes hornbills or monkeys are only a meter or two away.

The house is “clamped” on to 4 trees, without any nail to protect the tree. On a windy day you can feel the sway of the trees.  Outside there’s a platform to relax on, or to dangle in the hammock. In the private bathroom you can watch frogs and other animals while you do your business. Sweet.

When you are inside the house you can feel the nature around you. It’s an unique experience to feel the vibrations from a monkey climbing a nearby tree while you are laying in your bed.

The house sleeps 3 persons, one double bed and one single bed and is fitted with lights, mosqito net and  fan.

The price for 2 persons including breakfast is $45 pr.night. additional person $15

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